Since 2006, our Russian engineering
center provides services and materials that
enable Customers to improve the efficiency
of the existing well stock, including:

Repair and insulation works, including plugging operations,

with full engineering support; ünon-damaging well killing; üenhanced oil production; üengineering support in the construction of wells using patented chemical additives;

Production units: üRepublic of Bashkortostan (Oktyabrsky) üKomi Republic (Usinsk, Ukhta) üSamara region (Sukhodol) üRepublic of Kazakhstan (Aktau) üRepublic of Azerbaijan (Baku)

Engineering maintenance of
repair and insulation works

Analysis of the state of the well.

2. Determination of optimal repair
technology and materials used.

3. Risk assessment.

4. Development of a draft work plan.

5. Execution of the planned work on the well in

accordance with the approved plan.

6. Drawing up a report on the work performed.